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        2000VA AC Voltage Converter
        2000VA AC Voltage Converter-1

        2000VA AC Voltage Converter

        1.Coverts single phase 220/240 Volts down to 110/120Volts or 110/120Volts up to 220/240 Volts. 
        2.C.R.G.O. Transformer. 
        3.LED power indicator。
        4.Fuse (includes two spare fused) protection for model from 100VA to 500VA.
        5.Circuit breaker protection for model from 800VA and above. 
        6.Durable design with a heavy cord.
        7.CE certificated. 
        Categories: AC Voltage Converter
        VTF-1500VA 1500VA/1200W 16.8*21.8*13.8 4.2 4 44.5*30*38.5 27.2
        VTF-2000VA 2000VA/1600W 5.6 35.6

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